Our Company Culture

Billion Dollar Boy was founded four years ago on a bedrock of friends, family and trust and this has continued to permeate through the company as it has grown. This trust allows us to rely on each other to deliver great client service and to give each other open and honest feedback on how we can improve.

  • We know that in order to truly represent our amazing clients and to be able to build impactful campaigns for a wide range of audiences, we ourselves need to be a diverse group of individuals.  We’re a wonderful mix of genders, ages, races, nationalities and orientations.

    And we love it!

  • John Henric
    #LifeMoreBold campaign Spring/Summer 2018


  • LAB Series 
    Launching the Oil Control product range


  • Each member of the team is brought in because we know they have a specific area of expertise in which they excel, but that’s just the beginning.  We  urge everyone to get involved in each other’s work and to learn from them.

    We want the curious minds of our team members to reach beyond just what we are currently doing. We want them to seek new ways of doing a bigger and better job for our clients and to know that they have the team’s backing to explore any exciting opportunities they might come across.