Soap & Glory Content House

Inspiration & Challenge

Soap & Glory had been struggling with low brand awareness, low consumer emotional connection and ongoing delays with NPDs. To tackle the current challenges, they came to BDB to produce a suite of fun, addictive and cult-worthy, social-led content to generate hype organically across the brand’s social channels.

Execution & Creativity

Partnering with an eclectic group of content creators, we provided S&G with a suite of 37 unique, fun images and 20 video assets that went beyond product placement and spoke to the lives and inner-most thoughts of S&G’s ordinary and oh-so-glorious customers. We empowered the creators with briefs that excited and challenged them whilst pushing the creative to be braver and bolder. 


Video Assets




BDB provided Soap & Glory with four content pillars, underpinned by humour, to create an engaging experience for their community. We built a strong brand channel strategy, based on insight and driven by creative excellence, resulting in the Soap & Glory Client calling it “the most creative and hilarious campaign in my career.”