Sainsbury’s Souper Soups

Inspiration & Challenge

Due to the pandemic, never have any of us spent more time at home cooking. But when life returned to normal, the nation was poor on both time and nutrition. With food fatigue hitting and the same roster of Sainsbury’s recipes not cutting it, people were on the hunt for more ways to use up what was hiding at the back of the fridge, reduce waste and spend less money in one easy nutritional hit.

We identified a fun new way to support Sainsbury’s #HelpEveryoneEatBetter initiative, one recipe at a time. By turning fridgefuls of forgotten vegetables into delicious, nutritious and easy soup recipes via platform-first TikTok creators.

Execution & Creativity

We enlisted three hero lifestyle-first TikTok creators to bring soup to life through their comedic recipe content. Using the ‘eyes and mouth’ filter, creators provided a comical running commentary from the perspective of forgotten vegetables. Creators listed off the various easy recipe steps as the vegetables were transformed into an ultra nutritious, delicious soup extravaganza.

Creators seeded the #HelpEveryoneEatBetter messaging into cultural spaces relevant to our target demographics across the space of a week. Organic social was repurposed for brand channels and amplified through TikTok TopView to reinforce key objectives and drive awareness.


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We showed how leftover vegetables can be given a new lease of life in a platform-first, creator-first way. Followers were encouraged to make their own soup by visiting the linked recipe landing page on the Sainsbury’s website.

The TikTok team showcased creator Tega Alexander’s content as best-in-class, platform-first content at a panel hosted by TikTok during Cannes Lions.