Ray-Ban Stories

Inspiration & Challenge

BDB was tasked with highlighting a new way of capturing creativity using Ray-Ban’s newest product, Ray-Ban Stories. We wanted to show consumers that this unique product allows them to keep their eyes on the world around them and capture memories that would live forever… all without lifting a finger.

To do so, we needed to increase awareness of the product, highlight the stand-out features to drive consumer consideration, and create captivating and inspiring premium content that showcased the product’s value in everyday moments. 

Execution & Creativity

BDB partnered with a wide range of creators that redefined how audiences think about the smart glasses category. We leaned into their unique communities to spotlight the groundbreaking features of Ray-Ban Stories that make capturing any creative process that much easier.

From musicians to artists to comedians, we brought awareness to the product’s versatility through TikTok and Instagram content. Through this process we achieved the driving notion of the campaign —put the phone down. Live in the moment and let’s showcase the beauty in the process. 


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By allowing the unique creators to highlight their personal passion points in an authentic and creative way, we received an impressive 553.5K plus value-added impressions.

This is a true testament to how much the creators genuinely loved both the product and brand.