Quaker Oatspiration 365

Inspiration & Challenge

At the height of lockdown, when the nation was stuck at home, Quaker wanted to make mealtimes more interesting by inspiring people with imaginative, delicious oat-based recipes that showcased the versatility of the cupboard staple. BDB needed to demonstrate the versatility of Quaker Oats in a fresh way for its broad 25-45-year-old target audience through engaging, inspirational, bespoke Instagram content. We wanted to drive relevancy and inspire target audiences to create recipes in their homes and develop new seasonal influencer recipe content for Quaker’s downloadable digital recipe book and socials.

Execution & Creativity

BDB needed to activate audiences in a fresh way, drawing communities into the culinary stories, recipes and potential of the mighty oat via an always-on, social-first approach. The campaign was delivered in two phases.

Firstly, to inspire, drive relevance and get the British public rummaging through their kitchen cupboards for imaginative ways to consume oats, we launched the reactive Instagram #GoForridgeChallenge as lockdown hit.

Then, Quaker launched a multi-channel ‘Oatspiration 365’ campaign during Winter 2020, informed by the success of Phase One and influencers continued to inspire the nation. In record time, influencers created a total of 106 bespoke recipes and high-quality beautiful content for the digital recipe book and brand usage across multi-formats.


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BDB and Quaker reinforced togetherness, became a force for joy, and brought #Oatspiration to kitchens, creating a new cultural moment that brought multiple communities together. The Quaker culinary conversation continues to grow online in 2021, with UK fitness superstar ‘Joe Wicks’ showing off his Quaker Oat Pancakes as added value to his followers.