Pepsico: Taste Us, Love Us

Inspiration & Challenge

PepsiCo knows that its healthier snack offerings have great flavour while being guilt-free – and were on a mission to prove it to the nation. Such a big objective needs scale and trust and word of mouth. Billion Dollar Boy helped debunk myths about Better For You snacks and convince UK consumers that taste great and are nutritionally better for you using influencers in the #TasteUsLoveUs campaign, imperative of UK HFSS changes.

Execution & Creativity

We asked a range of macro creators to taste and recommend the products. Each brand in the #TasteUsLoveUs campaign had its own set of macro, medium and micro-influencers to ensure consistency and credibility with the target audience. Authentic, relatable content showcased honest reviews and fun reactions that built product personality and credibility.


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To assess the effectiveness of their campaign strategy, we relied on Nielsen’s Influencer Brand Effect to measure the creatives and campaign impact on brand KPIs, such as perception, purchase intent and brand sentiment among the target audience. The study saw uplift on every single measure. Purchase intent increased 79%; 80% would recommend the brand and 80% agree they have great taste.