Loewe – Squeeze Bag Launch

Inspiration & Challenge

Loewe’s Squeeze bag launch was social-first. We partnered with diverse creators and utilized workshops to inform our approach, resulting in captivating platform-native content. This non-traditional approach not only celebrated the bag’s craftsmanship but maintained brand heritage.

Execution & Creativity

Loewe’s Squeeze bag is audacious by design, and we wanted to honor its spirit in the launch content. Leveraging mixed media, we built a whole world around Squeeze where reality collided with magical realism.

We handpicked three fashion creators and paired them with a craft creator, forging a collaboration where the self-captured handbag content was remixed in a unique way.

Each collaboration celebrated the bag’s craftsmanship and heritage through playful narratives that stop thumbs on the small screen.


Total Impressions
Total Reel Plays
Engagement Rate
Total Pieces of Content


Europe, Middle East, USA, Korea, Japan, China, SE Asia (including Thailand)


With just six pieces of content, featuring four unique creators, the campaign racked up an impressive 28 million reel plays and 29 million total Instagram impressions, and reached over 10.4 million viewers. Engagement soared at 10%, a testament to the captivating nature of the content.

And the cost? A remarkably efficient $2.86 CPM. This campaign achieved more with less, squeezing maximum impact from every dollar spent.