International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

Inspiration & Challenge

With the onset of COVID-19, consumers were exposed to a mass infodemic of fake news, misinformation, and conspiracy theories. BDB approached its long-standing pro bono partner with a proposal to activate influencers with IFRC-approved messaging, making them the trusted sources of information.

Execution & Creativity

BDB implemented a rotating, bi-weekly social activation providing participants with an overarching creative that can be executed in fun and engaging ways. In tandem we also created a toolkit to enlist and support local Red Cross teams such as Australia and Kenya with localised messaging. It began with the Heart-Shaped Challenge, where influencers used their creativity to make special heart shapes at home, whether it’s by baking, drawing, designing, arranging toys or even food. A heart shape is the universal symbol of kindness and compassion, after all. Each influencer included our slogan #SpreadFactsNotFear on all posts along with the creative hashtag.


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Our secondary goal of this campaign was to get a record-breaking number of people involved, and 26 influencers from across the globe helped spread this important message across Instagram, TikTok and Twitter.