August 2018


The mass-market beauty industry is a beast – highly competitive, heavily saturated.

Even for Garnier, one of the biggest brands in the beauty industry, it was hard to get heard, especially in the organic care space.


Over 24 months, we have fostered relationships with more than 1000 influencers with a diverse range of interests and backgrounds. Our strategy focused on scale incorporating an Always On campaign to promote the mother brand’s core values and individual product promotions to support NPDs and other key moments during the year. 

We match our influencers with individual Garnier products that are relative to the influencers’ lifestyles, skin and hair types to help them achieve their ultimate beauty goals. The Garnier influencer network publishes content across Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook detailing their Garnier experiences in the forms of tutorials, life hacks, Stories, and imagery.

In addition to influencer marketing, we also run Garnier’s content house, providing high-quality imagery for their paid media.

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