Creative influencers, Erick Steinberg and Emily Hirsch are the dynamic due behind Heidi’s Bridge. 

How did you become creative influencers and content creators?

Our first project together was a blog we started in early 2013 to promote a sandwich pop-up concept we had at the time. I was in my last semester of college and Erick would come over to my dorm and work on it with me every night after his shift. We both cringe thinking back to our posts, but that was how we got into photography and styling together!

How do you build and maintain trust with your followers?

Most of our audience follow us for our work. We love to share what happens behind-the-scenes, test shoot experiments, things we find funny or interesting while working – these are the things that build our community. It allows our followers to get to know us as individuals beyond our business. We’re also very aware of our audience – which is 85% women living in major cities – so we feel comfortable being political and sharing our values. We really appreciate this like-minded sense of camaraderie in our community.

What is your favourite thing to shoot (person, place or thing)?

Shooting editorial food or commercial still-life is when we make the most magic as a photography and prop styling team. Lately, we’ve been shooting and styling a lot of food and wellness products – CBD waters, alt beverages, yogurts, superfoods, beauty products – etc. I think we’re really hitting our stride in that category. Thinking of new ways to approach the set design and lighting is a fun challenge and keeps us creatively stimulated and excited for the next shoot.

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