Influencer Campaign Management

Finding the right influencer for your campaign is just the start. Billion Dollar Boy has a proven track record in delivering successful influencer marketing campaigns end to end – through creative, distribution, campaign management and performance reporting. Our process is streamlined and our team experienced.


Our creative strategists work hand in hand with your team and chosen influencers to develop the perfect creative idea for your campaign.

Our data driven process includes a comprehensive briefing, followed by research, ideation and feedback before final sign off.

If you already have a creative and are considering how best to apply this to influencer activity – we’re here to help.


Developing a killer creative is just the start. Each influencer and each platform is different. Looking at their historical performance, as well as platform wide trends, helps us ensure that the distribution plan we devise truly maximises the reach and engagement of our campaign with your target audience.

Influencer Campaign Management - Billion Dollar Boy
Influencer Campaign Management - Billion Dollar Boy
Influencer Campaign Management - Billion Dollar Boy
Influencer Campaign Management - Billion Dollar Boy


Managing influencer campaigns can be complicated. Our experienced campaign management team is with you every step of the way. They handle contracting, ensure your campaign meets budgets and deadlines, and ensure content quality.

They are also able to arrange production and post-production support including production crews, editing, grading and visual effects – providing an extra level of quality assurance.

Our team truly does go above and beyond to deliver the best possible campaign.


Project Delivery


Influencer Campaign Management - Billion Dollar Boy


We love analytics. It’s important to us that we are able to prove your objectives have been met. Our performance assessment tools enable us to provide you with real-time analytics on all aspects of your campaign via an online dashboard that’s tailored to you.

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